Belfast’s Cultural Tourism & Investment Offering 

18 February 2021

Belfast's Cultural Tourism & Investment Offering 



Thursday 17 June 2021

A strong cultural tourism offering is essential for any global city, particularly when it comes to attracting investment.

That is particularly true in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic when the thirst for tourism-led regeneration is very real and the competition for the tourist dollar has never been as strong.

Belfast is a city which has one of the strongest cultural tourism draws of any city in the world and one which is set to see a tourism sector which was already booming before the pandemic recover and grow to new heights.

It is a city which is truly unique and can offer visitors a unforgettable experience which will live long in the memory.

Belfast is a city of stories, one which is filled with characters and charm which both educate and welcome visitors; it is a city of contrasts which has an intriguing and complex history matched with in-built creativity in everything from our street art to our museums; it is a maritime city which is built around the trade and leisure on our rivers and loughs and it is a homespun city, one which has a long tradition of manufacturing in everything from ropemaking to whiskey and now advanced manufacturing.

These tourism themes will be the axis of Belfast City Council’s tourism and culture strategy which will provide the basis for the sector’s growth in the coming years and rubber stamp the investment case around cultural tourism.

It comes at a timely juncture, exactly 10 years since Titanic Belfast first opened its doors, fuelling huge growth in tourism-led regeneration and investment which culminated in the creation of at least nine new hotels.

As a follow-on from that particular outperforming asset, the council has plans to design and deliver a new Destination Hub for the city, funded by the Belfast Region City Deal. It will create reasons to stay longer in the city and also regenerate the central artery around Royal Avenue, which is close to the new Ulster University campus.

So, as Belfast emerges from the pandemic, it is clear it has a cultural and tourism offering which is second to none and which has been emboldened by new vision, one which strengthens the investment case beyond measure.


  • John Greer, Director of Economic Development, Belfast City Council
  • Kerrie Sweeney, Chief Executive, Maritime Belfast Trust
  • Gerry Lennon, Chief Executive, Visit Belfast
  • Susan Picken, Director, Cathedral Quarter Trust and Culture Night Belfast


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