Economic Drivers for Belfast’s Success

18th November 2020


Wednesday 18 November 2020

09:00 – 10:00


Belfast is a city which has been enjoying new attention from across the global investment community for some time, offering outstanding rates of return underpinned by a healthy business ecosystem and a standard of living considered one of the best in the world.

The city also has a long history of resilience, weathering social and economic upheaval with grit and determination.

That experience has left it primed to face the current challenges of coronavirus and Brexit head on and it is once again building on its pre-COVID success and plotting a path for further growth and prosperity. Some major new publicly funded initiatives including the Belfast Region City Deal, and Weavers Cross – an unequalled opportunity to deliver 1.3 million sq.ft of office led mixed-use space just a few minutes walk from the city core with a multi-million pound publicly funded transport hub at its heart – will revive the city’s unique attractiveness in 2021 and the decade ahead.

Its real estate sector plays a central part in that journey, flexing and innovating to meet the changing needs of business and society.

This session will focus on the city’s economic journey in a post pandemic environment, asking how each investment pillar will play its part in rebooting Belfast’s successful future. How can we build back better and adapt to meet the changed environment? How do we nurture the growing desire for city centre living, the most significant opportunity in this city for investors?

It will also pinpoint the investment opportunities which are available as part of that future, giving investors the chance to join in the city’s success.

To discuss where Belfast is now and how it can fulfil its potential, we will be talking to Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive of Belfast City Council, along with representatives from all the sectors which make Belfast’s real estate ecosystem so successful.

Join us for a lively, insightful panel discussion and have your say on how we recover our city centre from the impact of this pandemic.


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