Reimagining our City Centre

24th November 2020

Reimagining our City Centre


Tuesday 24 November 2020

09:00 – 10:00

COVID-19 has cratered our city centre. The heart of the city is missing its lifeblood – people – and it is suffering like never before.

It needs urgent support and attention, an injection of new life and energy, if it is to fulfil its true potential, making Belfast a dynamic place in which to live, work, study, play and visit.

This will not be easy because, alongside COVID-19, the city is still recovering from the devastating Bank Buildings fire which caused lasting shock waves to business in our city core in 2019.

Now we are tackling the economic and social consequences of COVID-19 while at the same time anticipating the effects of Brexit.

So, what is the current picture in our city centre and how do we make Belfast the city we all want it to be? What is Belfast City Council doing to support the city as we live with COVID-19 and what are its plans to transform the city into a dynamic, vibrant city?

What are the short-term wins and longer-term goals and how important is community collaboration in driving our city back to its former glory? How will real estate pivot to meet the needs of our future city centre?

Join us for a lively, insightful panel discussion and have your say on how we recover our city centre from the impact of this pandemic.


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